The Top News Websites in America

Digital news is one of the most important news sources for people in the US today. A whopping 93 percent of people get their news online. In some cases, they also get it elsewhere. However, for certain segments of the population digital news is their only source of information. What are the top news websites in the country? If you’ve ever wondered what sites Americans rely on to keep them informed, you’re about to find out.

CNN News

CNN’s site boasts 112 million unique visits per month, making it one of the top outlets for online news in the country. The company has managed to remain in its number one position since 2016, beating out its closest competitors by millions of visitors. It also leads in video starts, showcasing its investment into its video arm. This can be linked to the fact that the videos reflect both instant breaking news and the most talked about stories.

The New York Times

The New York Times saw its star rise around the same time as CNN. It had 95 million unique visitors to its site per month as of August 2017. The publication’s subscriber count has also seen an increase. Visitors spend more time on the NYT site than they do on other sites. The success of this may be attributed to the rich multimedia policy the NYT has, with graphics, podcasts, maps, etc. often used to enhance its text offering.

Yahoo News

Yahoo News followed closely after the NYT in the rankings, with only a 2 million difference in visitors between them. Yahoo used to be the most popular news site at the beginning of the online news boom. In 2011, Adweek ranked it at the top, and it was still holding firm up till 2013. However, as traditional newspapers and TV stations enhanced their offerings it could no longer retain the top spot.

Washington Post

Long respected for its hard-hitting investigatory news, the Post’s increase in online visitors can be closely linked to the presidency of Donald Trump. Like the NYT, it has seen visitors spend longer on its site. According to its own numbers, the average was 19 minutes on the site, an impressive feat for an online publication.

Fox News

Fox News be a latecomer to the online news game. The other large network news stations, notably CNN, had a head start on the network and the online space. It still managed an average of 78 million views per month. The company has invested in its online arm, increasing staff and hoping to balance its closest competitor CNN’s dominance of the space.


Buzzfeed, once thought to be one of the larger news sites, seems to be on the decline. It still has impressive numbers at 74 million viewers per month. Like many digital native sites, its ad numbers have succumbed to competition from Facebook and Google. In the future, niche news sites will do better as people trust their authority more than larger catchalls like Buzzfeed.